TCA3 is a comic novel that casually casts into the murky waters of literary history and reels in startling new truths & surprising revelations about The Compleat Angler, and its celebrated co-authors & legendary fishing buddies: Izaak Walton & Charles Cotton.

 Part Three rewrites the 350-year-old Compleat Angler storyline for the 21st century. It reinvents the legend of an older master teaching a younger man the intricacies of fly-fishing as an art, as a state of mind, and as an extension of life. The satirical storyline seamlessly and shamelessly updates the rustic 17th century fishing tale to the present day. 

And in turn, TCA3 not only mirrors The Compleat Angler … it shatters that mirror.

TCA3 is the entertaining tale of how two men faced off, feuded, fell out, fell in, fooled around and fly-fished their way to uncovering many mysteries that had lain dormant and undiscovered within The Compleat Angler for more than three centuries. Part Three takes these disturbing discoveries and weaves them into a convoluted CSI*-style ‘literary forensics’ adventure that recreates the original Angler story, with far-reaching consequences.              [* CSI = Chalk Stream Investigation]

TCA3 does for The Compleat Angler what The Da Vinci Code did for The Last Supper. It strips away the surface of an iconic masterpiece to expose a litany of deceit, betrayal and a stark reality far removed from the tranquil tome of true friendship and rose-coloured memories. Part Three zestfully harpoons the great white whale that is The Compleat Angler and jestfully lampoons that great white elephant The Da Vinci Code … to such an extent that it is sub-titled "The Last Fish Supper."

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