A sci-fi soccer saga
Created by Colin M Jarman

SOCCER .  .  .

in another TIME ...

on another WORLD ...

with another DIMENSION. 

In 2363, a 15-year-old HexaBall phenom - JO BAXUN - runs away from game-fixing mobsters on his home planet of Rathgorr to fulfil his dream of playing for a franchise in Earth’s ToraBall League.



Coached by the greatest female soccer player of the 20th century and schooled by the greatest brains in history, Jo becomes the greatest HexaBall player of the 24th century. 

Based on Colin's original comic strip story for 'Roy of the Rovers' magazine, this young adult intergalactic adventure will also appeal to all ages, all genders and football fans all over the world (and the universe!). 



HexaBall (n) the most popular ball sport in the known galaxy. A fast-moving team game played in a six-sided arena [HexaDome] on a six-sided playing surface [HexaTurf] between two teams of six players. 

HEXABALL evolved from Earth soccer in the 22nd century to be played amongst the stars ... by the game's greatest stars & legends. 

The six-a-side format is played indoors in a giant Hexadome - with no crowds (but billions watching at home across the universe). 
The HexaDome measures 100 metyards x 70 my. 
The six-sided HexaDome playing area has a HexaGrid goal at each end with ScorZones, a Mid-Zone for drop outs / restarts & TelePort Pads for player substitutions. The six walls are all banked to allow players to run up them or pass the ball along them. There are no areas that are out of play.


Officiated by three Mobi-refs the players have to move the ball into the opposition's ScorZone. 
Once in the ScorZone, the offenze can kick or head the ball at the HexaGoal - six conjoined hexagonal targets. 
Once all six Hexes have been 'taken out' - the central Hex opens up. The first team to kick / head the ball into the open Hex wins the game.


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