aka The Africans Queens

Original Screenplay by Colin M Jarman
Previously optioned script


LOGLINE: The law of the jungle is about to be rewritten ... in lipstick.

SYNOPSIS: Two bitchy rival soap queens clash while filming a wildlife nature documentary in the African jungle - only to discover they have been tricked into ‘co-starring’ in a secret reality TV show.
   The first one to fight her way out of the jungle keeps her daytime show on the air.

paradise glossed screenplay script colin m jarman jungle soap queens
Original artwork from optioned development at Shepperton Studios.
   Faced with this winner-takes-all outcome, the bitchiness and deception multiplies amidst the harsh realities of the hostile jungle. Lost, without food or water and deprived of luxuries, the seriously spoiled divas battle each other and bizarre animatronic beasts as they strive to be first back to base camp.
   With time running out, the sworn enemies reluctantly join forces, save each other’s life and even share jungle beauty secrets in order to survive.
   Together they form an unlikely alliance to exact humiliating revenge on the tyrannical reality TV producer.

Genre: Female-drive adventure comedy

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: The African Queen meets Thelma & Louise

Production Notes: This screenplay was originally optioned by a UK production company with £30000 of development but all rights reverted to me on non-payment of the contracted writing fee (and agent fraud !).
   The script has since been taken on by a US Production company with further creative development but has now reverted back to the original writer.

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Copyright Colin M Jarman (2023)